Sweethearts/Couples Decorating Class Feb. 14th 6pm-8pm

Product Description

Valentines Day is approaching and who can forget the classics! We drew our inspiration from, you guessed it, Sweeethearts Candies!! This classic candy got a sweet makeover with cake.

Join us for this 2 hour fun filled class with your special someone. Where we will teach you how to torte, fill, crumb coat and ice your cake. This is a couples class, so you and your partner will be working together on decorating 1 cake. We provide all the tools and materials you will need as well as answering any questions you may have during the class. 

Please note that gluten free or vegan options are available, but the decorating classes take place in our main bakery which is not our dedicated gluten free facility.  Some flavor choices will increase the cost of the class.

Participants in this class must be at least 16 years of age.

Your finished product may not resemble photo

$ 50.00