Coiled Rizza Wine

Product Description

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Rizza.

This sparkling wine is made in the method of Champagne. In other words, the glorious, precious, and delicate bubbles inside were created by a natural fermentation that occurred in this very bottle! 
Rizza is made exclusively from the Riesling grape, a dear love of mine and an absolute 
treasure of Idaho. The Australians have great respect for this grape and lovingly call it Rizza. I instantly adored this endearing nickname and adopted it for my bubbles.  
These grapes are picked in early fall and fermented to dryness. The base wine is then 
sweetened and put to bottle.  Each one is hand-bottled, individually administered with 
encapsulated yeast, and capped by hand!
Next, we patiently wait for all bottles to ferment to dryness before disgorging (removing the yeast) - one bottle at a time.  Last but not least, it is dosed to bring the wine to balance.
I have put it all out there on this wine. It is my personal love letter to Riesling. I hope you enjoy it in good company and good health!

**We do not ship this product.  It is available for purchase at our retail location, or as part of a delivery with an existing dessert order.   Alcohol will not be delivered as a stand alone purchase.

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$ 7.00