Strange Folk - Red & White Mix Pack

Product Description

Strange Folk - Wine in A Can!

4 pack of Strange Folk 375ml cans is equivalent to two bottles of wine

About the Red

Finally! Red in a can is a reality. We think this might be the first winery to put a Rhone-style wine (Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre) in a can. With bits of Counoise and Cinsault this baby gets as close to a real Rhone as possibly possible. Le Commandante: a tribute to French battalions and old world artillery, this may be the coolest wine at this price and in this package that you could find anywhere, anyhow. 

About the White

A pure, unadulterated aluminum can of 100,000% Idaho Riesling. Super floral, and packed with wafts and shadows of fresh peach, honeysuckle, and candied ginger. It’s off-dry, semi-sweet, got big beefy German-style acid, and packed into a sweet little mobile unit that belongs in the mountains, on the boat or bike, by the pool, at the game or in your pocket. This wine will go with you wherever you need it to, however you want it. If you’re sick of being uncool, this may be just the ticket to deliver you just a bit of hip. 

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$ 27.95

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